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Experience top-tier access equipment supported by a robust factory-backed service and expert technical advice. All our offerings come with a comprehensive written warranty. Navigate product assembly seamlessly with our dedicated Product Support section, which provides extensive spare parts selection and invaluable information on health and safety, covering standards and risk assessment.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the adherence to industry standards, including AS 1892.1:2018 (Australian ladder manufacturing standard), EN131 – Parts 1 & 2 (harmonized European ladder manufacturing standard), the CE – Machinery directive, and the US standard ANSI-ASC A14.2-2007. Your assurance of compliance and safety is our priority.

StockMaster Navigator

StockMaster Navigator is an Auto-Safe and easy to use mobile platform ladder

StockMaster Navigator features a Move, Steer and Brake control which keeps all four feet firmly on the ground unless you’re moving it.
Taking hold of the control raises Navigator to the mobile position and provides easy positive steering. Release the control and Navigator brakes automatically and is stable. The design of Navigator removes all skating and lack of stability seen in other ladders that use springs or foot pedals. Navigator remains rock steady with zero movement as you work around the platform.

The Move, Steer and Brake control positions you away from the front of the ladder. This allows a normal walking step and the ladder moves quickly and easily with little effort. Navigator moves to a new position in half the time of competing products. Navigator is easier and faster to move around and saves time and equipment.

Mobile Work-Platforms

Transportable Mobile Work-Platform

StockMaster Omni is engineered with convenience and versatility in mind, boasting large wheels that ensure smooth navigation across uneven and unsealed surfaces. Its design facilitates effortless movement whether in an open or closed position, providing adaptability for various work environments. The StockMaster OmniPRO work-platforms take functionality to the next level by incorporating essential features such as a Platform Safety Gate and Tool Tray. The Platform Safety Gate enhances user safety, ensuring a secure working environment, while the Tool Tray adds practicality by offering a convenient space for tools and equipment. This comprehensive combination of mobility, safety, and functionality makes StockMaster Omni and StockMaster OmniPRO work-platforms reliable solutions for a wide range of applications, providing users with the tools they need to work efficiently and safely.

StockMaster Warehouse Ladders

Warehouse Ladder for Indoor Use

The StockMaster Navigator is a cutting-edge platform ladder specifically crafted for exceptional utility in both warehouse and retail settings. Its innovative design, featuring castors for mobility, sets it apart as an indispensable tool for efficient stock management. This ladder series, particularly the StockMaster NavigatorPRO for warehouse applications, incorporates advanced safety features to ensure a secure working environment.

One notable safety feature is the inclusion of a front safety gate on the platform. This gate serves as a robust barrier, minimizing the risk of accidental falls and enhancing overall operator safety. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of streamlined access to stock, the StockMaster NavigatorPRO is equipped with a side gate on the platform. This thoughtful addition not only facilitates quick and easy retrieval of items but also contributes to the overall efficiency of warehouse operations.

StockMaster Lift Truk

StockMaster Lift Truk is an Auto-Safe Manual Order Picking Platform Ladder

Stockmaster Lift Truk (Manual) is a safe and easy to use lifting platform ladder that cannot be accidentally left in the mobile mode. Items weighing up to 60 kg can be picked, lowered and transported in one action. The whole stock picking process can be safely handled by one person without the need for a second person to pass items up or down. Featuring a manually operated winch, maintenance costs are minimal, and there is no down time for battery charging. Items placed on the lift table can be lowered and moved similar to a fork lift. saving the time for transfer to a trolley, and reducing the need for trolleys.
The dangerous practice of carrying items up or down the ladder is eliminated creating a much safer product.
The dangerous practice of carrying large or heavy items up or down a ladder is eliminated, significantly reducing the risk of accident. Using a simple winding mechanism. the lift table can be positioned to the exact height required to safely transfer items from shelving. and braking of the load is automatic when the winch handle is released.
Lift Truk substantially reduces your exposure to the high cost of lost time injuries and compensation claims.

StockMaster Step-Thru

StockMaster Step-thru is an all terrain, safe & easy to use Mobile Step-Way Ladder

StockMaster Step-Thru is an all terrain, safe and easy to use mobile access platform
With two large diameter wheels Step-Thru moves easily over sealed or unsealed surfaces and slopes making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Featuring just one control it is fast and easy to move around. Taking hold of the control raises the unit to the mobile position and provides positive easy steering to move to the job. Release of the control automatically returns Step-Thru to the stationary mode where it is braked and totally stable.

A stable stepping of platform creates a much safer product
A StockMaster Step-Thru mobile access platform eliminates the dangerous practice of climbing onto and jumping down from trucks and the use of step ladders to access containers, mezzanine floors and similar situations. With a stable stepping off platform and two side safety rails to maintain a firm hand hold, access to the work place is safe and easy.

StockMaster SureFoot

StockMaster SureFoot – a safe portable trade platform ladder.

Big Platform – SureFoot has a generous sized platform with a working area measuring 425 x 550 millimeters. It has a reinforced all aluminium platform with an anti-slip surface and waist high rear safety bar to provide a secure working environment.

Big Steps – To improve comfort and safety SureFoot platform steps have a working surface area more than twenty five percent greater than most platform ladders. Surefoot is manufactured using a full box section step. The step is riveted and locked to the side rail with a swaged reinforcing tube providing exceptional strength and durability.

Big Feet – Surefoot platform steps feature a tough jumbo size full-boot foot to maximise on-ground grip. Made from a tough polymer it is long lasting and with just one fixing the changeover is easy when it comes time for replacement.

Big Load – To ensure safety StockMaster SureFoot employs a ladder frame design that will not twist or deform under the maximum load rating when correctly used. With reasonable care StockMaster SureFoot will give many years of service for the trade professional and cost less in the long run.

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