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Lifting Equipments

Lifting Equipments

Elevate Your Projects with Premium Lifting Materials

At KOMPASS, we recognize the pivotal role that quality lifting materials play in the success and safety of construction, manufacturing, and industrial endeavors. Our carefully curated selection of lifting materials is designed to meet the highest standards, providing you with the confidence to lift and move heavy loads efficiently.

Explore our range of lifting equipment and accessories for smoother operations and increased productivity.

Check Out Our Premium Lifting Products

Webbing Sling

Explore the strength and versatility of our premium webbing slings. Elevate your lifting operations with confidence and precision.

Chain Block

Experience the power and reliability to elevate your lifting operations with equipment designed for precision and durability.

Lever Hoist

Discover the efficiency and reliability of our lever hoists. Elevate your lifting tasks with ease and precision. Connect with our engineer for more.

Pallet Truck Trolly

Simplify your material handling tasks with the precision and durability of our pallet truck trolleys. Move loads effortlessly and efficiently.

Magnetic Drilling

Experience the efficiency and accuracy of our magnetic drilling machines. Elevate your drilling tasks with powerful and precise equipment.

Annular Core Cutter

Unleash precision cutting with our annular core cutters. Elevate your drilling tasks with efficiency and accuracy. Check out the range of cutters.

Explore More

Discover the strength, precision, and reliability of our top-notch lifting equipment. From hoists to cranes, we have the tools you need for successful lifts.

  • Explore our range of robust steel cables and chains engineered for strength and durability.
  • Choose from various sizes and load capacities to meet the specific demands of your lifting applications.

Experience flexibility and reliability with our synthetic slings and straps.
Ideal for delicate or irregularly shaped loads, these materials offer strength without causing damage.

Optimize your lifting operations with our wire rope slings, known for their resilience and load-bearing capabilities.
Designed for versatility and longevity in demanding environments.

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